Pharmaceutical Microbiology Organizing Committee

Ahmed Gaffer Hegazi

National Research Center

Biography: Ahmed Hegazi is currently a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology i ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology, Immunology

Anil Kumar

Devi Ahilya University

Biography: Dr. Anil Kumar worked as Professor and Head of Biotechnology at the De ReadMore...

Research Interest: Enzyme Technology, Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering

Konstantinos Poulas

Associate Professor
University of Patras


Research Interest:

A. C. Matin

Stanford University School of Medicine

Biography: Prof Matin pursued his PhD in Microbiology from University of Californ ReadMore...

Research Interest: Cancer research; biomolecualr engineering; biofilms; cellula ReadMore...

Peter Henderson

University of Leeds
United Kingdom

Biography: To be Updated soon.

Research Interest: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Sciences

Petra Perner

Founder and Director
Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences

Biography: Petra Perner is the founder and director of the Institute of Computer ReadMore...

Research Interest: Applied Computer Science, Data Mining,

Angel S Galabov

The Stephan Angeloff Institute of Microbiology

Biography: To be updated

Research Interest: To be updated

Ivan Kocic

Medical University of Gdansk

Biography: Ivan Kocić has completed his PhD at the age of 32 years from Medical ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics

Ghazaryan Petros Aram

Yerevan State University

Biography: Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor In 1969 he graduated from Ye ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Abbas Amini

Assistant Professor
Western Sydney University

Biography: Dr Abbas Amini is an assistant professor at the Australian College of ReadMore...

Research Interest: Bionanotech

Jorge Gonzalez Borotto

Pharmacovigilance Officer/ Senior Toxicologist
Ferrer Internacional S.A

Biography: Jorge is a Senior Nonclinical Toxicologist involved in Pharmacovigilan ReadMore...

Research Interest: Safety nonclinical evaluation, safety pharmacology, toxicoki ReadMore...

Tim Sandle

Chair Head of Microbiology
Bio Products Laboratory

Biography: Dr. Sandle is a tutor with the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical S ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Daniel Galbraith

Chief Scientific Officer
BioOutsource Ltd

Biography: Daniel founded BioOutsource in 2007 with a team which included some fo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biosimilars, Monoclonal Antibodies and Virus Vaccines

Gregory Gregoriadis

Founder, Senior Research Adviser
Xenetic Biosciences Inc.

Biography: Professor Gregory Gregoriadis is the Founder (1997) of Xenetic Bioscie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Drug Delivery Research

Urszula Kosikowska

Medical University of Lublin

Biography: Urszula Kosikowska (PhD) is a pharmacist, specialist in medical microb ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medical Microbiology

Lee Truax-Bellows

Founder, President and CEO
Norwich Clinical Research Associates Ltd. (NCRA)

Biography: Lee Truax-Bellows is a Founder, President and CEO of Norwich Clinical ReadMore...

Research Interest: Product development, GCP auditing and SOP development

Weiguo Dai

Scientific Director
Drug Product Development Johnson and Johnson,

Biography: Dr. Weiguo Dai is a Scientific Director and Janssen Fellow at Johnson ReadMore...

Research Interest: Drug delivery technology

Marcelo Pillonetto

Professor and Researcher
Pontifical Catholic University of Parana

Biography: Graduated in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the Federal University of Pa ReadMore...

Research Interest: Diagnostic Microbiology

Edvaldo Antonio Ribeiro Rosa

Pontifical Catholic University of Parana

Biography: Edvaldo Antonio Ribeiro Rosa is a full Professor of Microbiology at th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology

Jorg Kreuter

Professor and Dean

Biography: Jorg Kreuter studied Pharmacy at the Philipps-University Marburg, Germ ReadMore...

Research Interest: Medical Microbiology

Serena Mazzucchelli

Associate Professor
Department of Biomedical and Clinical Sciences University of Milano

Biography: Serena Mazzucchelli, PhD, research associate at the University of Mila ReadMore...

Research Interest: Biochemistry, nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine. SM researc ReadMore...

Gülay Büyükköroğlu

Associate Professor
Anadolu University

Biography: Gulay Buyukkoroglu has completed her Ph.D at the age of 33 years from ReadMore...

Research Interest: Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Suleiman Al-Obeid

Security Forces Hospital
Saudi Arabia

Biography: Suleiman Al-Obeid has completed his Residency in Internal Medicine at ReadMore...

Research Interest: Microbiology and Bacteriology

Patrick Brennan

University Distinguished Professor
Colorado State University

Biography: Dr. Brennan began his life-long involvement in tuberculosis and lepros ReadMore...

Research Interest: Tuberculosis and Leprosy research

Ibrahim M. Banat

University of Ulster
United Kingdom

Biography: Professor Ibrahim M. Banat, Professor of Microbial Biotechnology at th ReadMore...

Research Interest: Research interests include biosurfactants and bio-actives pr ReadMore...

Junie Lia Monica

University of Medicine and Pharmacy

Biography: Head of Microbiology Laboratory& Medicine Residency Coordinator, super ReadMore...

Research Interest: Parasitology, Infection Control, Microbiology

Helena Bujdakova

Head of Department; Vice President of the Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology
Comenius University
Slovak Republic

Biography: Assoc. Prof. Helena Bujdáková, is the head of the Department of Micr ReadMore...

Research Interest: she has worked in various topics dealing with microbial biof ReadMore...

Natalia Tschowri

Group Leader
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Biography: Natalia Tschowri studied Biology at the Freie Universität Berlin, whe ReadMore...

Research Interest: Role of cyclic di-nucleotides in Streptomyces developmental ReadMore...

Amparo Gamero Lluna

Assistant Professor
University of Valencia

Biography: Dr. Amparo Gamero Lluna works as Assistant Professor in Nutrition and ReadMore...

Research Interest: study of aroma production by yeasts in food products

Bożena Futoma-Kołoch

Assistant Professor
University of Wrocław

Biography: Dr. Bożena Futoma-Kołoch graduated from University of Wrocław in 20 ReadMore...

Research Interest: bacterial surface antigens as molecular targets of the prote ReadMore...

Giulio Tarro

Foundation de Beaumont Bonelli for Cancer Research

Biography: Giulio Tarro graduated from Medicine School, Naples University (1962). ReadMore...

Research Interest: Viral Oncology, Tumor Liberated Protein (TLP), Emerging Vira ReadMore...

Judith Ascher

Senior Researcher
Universitaet Innsbruck

Biography: Dr. Judith Ascher-Jenull received her Master degree in Natural Science ReadMore...

Research Interest: Her scientific interest is also focused on the evaluation an ReadMore...

Arnolfo Petruzziello

Head of the Laboratory
Virology and Molecular Biology IRCCS Fond.Pascale
Naples, Italy

Biography: PhD in Microbiology and Virology, with an high specialization in Molec ReadMore...

Research Interest: Virology and Molecular Biology, with particular reference to ReadMore...

Patrick Fickers

University of Liege

Biography: Patrick Fickers has completed a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University ReadMore...

Research Interest: His researches focus on the development of yeast and bacteri ReadMore...

Svetlana Codreanu

Fellow of Moldovan Society for Microbiology; FEMS Delegate
Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Republic of Moldova

Biography: Svetlana Codreanu has completed her BSc and PhD in Microbiology from M ReadMore...

Research Interest: Algae and Biomass

Nikos E Mavroudis

Programme Leader
Northumbria University
United Kingdom

Biography: Nikos Mavroudis is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader in Food Scie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Food Security & Food Safety, bacterial flow cytometry and su ReadMore...

Bechan Sharma

Allahabad University

Biography: Dr. Bechan Sharma is presently working as a Professor and Head, Depart ReadMore...

Research Interest: The areas of his research interest include Molecular Biology ReadMore...